What round is it again…???

Now I know that is a stupid question, but aren’t you glad its round 1 and not round 26?

The boys were undoubtetly poor against the Bulldogs on Friday and Im not making excuses for them, but would you rather win the first game of the season or the last?

Rugby League is a funny game. You can train all preseason, lift massive weights, run a thousand miles and be bigger and stronger than you ever have been and get to 5 minutes into your first competition game and be stuffed… There is no fitness like match fitness and there is no better way to form strong combinations than competition matches.

When you look at the team there were a lot of new faces, new faces that need time to gel into the force that we know they will become at the business end of the season. Errors were the things that hurt us most. A 60%-40% split of the ball at half time came back to bite us in the end. You cannot give a team like the Bulldogs the majority of the ball. I promise you now, if we cut out the errors we will be up to our necks in the game next Monday at Leichhardt.

Add to that the return of  Brett Stewart at fullback and we are looking good. I can’t tell you the difference that Snake makes to a team. Having played along side him my whole career at Manly he is quite simply a freak of nature. His speed is one thing but his leadership and the confidence that players around him feel when he is in the team… it takes us to another level!

A big thanks to everyone who came to Brooky to watch the game. She is a tired old beauty but she still looks good packed to the rafters! Lets hope that we get a great turn out at Leichhardt next Monday and kick start the season!

Thanks again for your support of the Golden Eagles. We are now over 400 members strong and we are getting in touch with old players on a weekly basis. Some great things to come in 2016…From the team and from your old favourites!

Watch this space…



Mark Bryant