‘I have a dream’…

Well, lets not go that deep! I would say more to the point that I would just love to see the Hill at Brookvale absolutely packed to the rafters this weekend!

I remember when I first joined the club back in 2005 walking back from warming up at St Augustines and we would get glimpses of the hill before the new section of grandstand was built on the Jane Try stand. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck now as I think about it.. You could not only hear the crowd but feel the energy… That walk down the tunnel and the sound is muffled until you can hear the roar when the first player in Maroon & White hits the grass, all of a sudden you step out into the sun and the cheers make you 10 foot tall and bullet proof!

Now for those of you that never laced a boot, I cant tell you the absolute adrenalin rush that this gives, its something that i will always remember and something that I will always miss.

Now in 2005, we had an up and down year. More ups from where the club had come from in 2004 but the crowds were still very strong every week… Without fail!

Now this year has been more downs than up, Im not here to sugar coat it, but the dynamics of what a big crowd does to not only individual players but team and the club is 10 times stronger than any performance enhancing drug! A big vocal crowd helps teams, especially a struggling team to get it across the line…

So who’s with me…???

If you are thinking of going, make sure you do!

If you have a group of friends that in contemplating going… Drag them by the hair is you have to!

Strength is in numbers!

The Golden Eagles Marquee will be on the Hill again with plenty of former legends in attendance. One special guest will be Merv Gillmer.

Merv played in the first ever competition game at Brookvale Oval back in 1947. He is 91 years old and will be coming to cheer on the boys!

What a legend!

See you all Sunday!


Mark Bryant

brookvale crowd 2